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Industry experts offering you all the services you require to dive into the treasure of the blockchain technology

Agile method

Agile method

Each organization has its own approach to digital. We adapt to it. We operate in tight teams, able to rotate quickly during our missions.

Quick responders

Quick responders

We understand the time pressures of technology implementations and software development. Our team can efficiently integrate with yours to achieve the desired results.

Security Experts

Security Experts

All team members are familiar with security threats and know how to develop secure Smart Contracts and secure code in general. We take pride in our carefully written code.


Bechain offers plenty of technical services for the blockchain marketplace


Blockchain Consulting

We understand that smart contracts are complex and evolving. We can help our clients understand which aspects of their business can benefit from the blockchain and smart contracts.

Smart Contract Audits

A Smart Contract audit is fundamentally the same as a regular code audit – which is meticulously investigating code to find security flaws and vulnerabilities before the code is publicly deployed. We help our clients to do audit and help them to ensure the security of their smart contracts.

Smart Contract Development

Implement smart contracts to automate enforcement in RootStock and Ethereum. We can write your smart contract’s code securely.

ICO technical package

Fund your product ideas with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on Ethereum. We can develop your Smart Contracts securely.


We provide the APIs to interact with your Smart Contract for your Blockchain Apps.


We offer external training and teaching seminars, workshops and talks on the blockchain technology, which will provide you or your employees with in-depth knowledge of the blockchain technology, ecosystem and all its facets of use.

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